An app and product that helps you get a clear overview over your nutrients and gives you personalised recommendations.

Boost is an app and product that focuses on personalized nutrients. It solves the problem of having to take multiple supplements with varying doses, by providing users with their own personalized nutrient pack. Boost has a seamless onboarding process that collects information about the user’s lifestyle, basic information, and real-time data to calculate the exact nutrients that the user needs.

Three different app screens that show the app's onboarding and home page on a white background


Boost onboarding is simple and straightforward. It starts with a series of questions that help us understand nutritional requirements and current diet. Based on the answers, we create a personalized nutrition profile that takes into account your age, gender, weight, height, activity level and various different aspects of your everyday life.

A person holding a phone with the Boost app open on the onboarding screen

Personalized Recommendation

Based on your nutritional profile, Boost calculates your daily nutrient needs and gives you customized recommendations for vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. Recommendations are updated daily based on weather and your step count to ensure you get the right amount of nutrients at the right time.

A person holding a phone with the Boost app open on the home screen


The Boost dispenser is an device that dispenses your individual nutrients in the form of a powder. Simply dispense the powder into a glass of water and you have a delicious and nutrient-rich drink that helps you meet your daily nutritional needs.

A dispenser with various nutritions and a glass of water on a sliding tray


We have also dealt with the topic of branding. What could the product and everything around it look like? We created packaging for the device, a landing page, a manual and the overall appearance.

Two packages with the Boost branding on it on a white background