UPS App Redesign

A redesign concept of the UPS App for a faster and easier way to send and track your packages.

The UPS app is a popular mobile application that allows users to track and manage their packages, schedule pick-ups, and access other UPS services on the go. However, the app had been criticized for its outdated design and lack of user-friendly features. As a result, I decided to undertake a redesign of the app to improve its user experience and functionality.

Redesigned UPS Screens


The previous design was cluttered and difficult to navigate, which made it frustrating for users to find the information they needed. The app also lacked a cohesive design system, which made it difficult to create a consistent user experience across the app.


I started by conducting user research to understand the needs and pain points of UPS customers. I used this information to create a new design that was clean and easy to navigate. I also created a new design system that was consistent across the app.

Redesigned UPS Screens


Overall, the UPS app redesign was a successful project that demonstrates the value of investing in user-centered design and testing to create a better product.